The UVF H.Q. Staff (part 4)

Captain James Craig was Z11 and Political Staff Officer. Born in 1871 the son of a Whiskey Distiller and educated at Merchiston Castle in Edinburgh. Enlisted in the Royal Irish Rifles in 1900 and served a short but applauded period in the Second Boer War, where he demonstrated immense organisation skills as eventual assistant director of the Imperial Military Railways. Became M.P. of East Down in 1906 and was a central, if not pivotal, figure within the tactical and strategic approach of Irish Unionism. Enlisted directly into the County Down Ulster Volunteers at an early stage and was transferred to the H.Q. as Political Staff Officer on the 8th November 1913.

Director of Ordinance Z17 was Major Fredrick Hugh Crawford. Belfast born in August 1861 and educated at Methodist College. Career began in Harland and Wolfe as an electrical engineer and in 1881 was awarded a medal for bravery after rescuing several men who had fallen into the shipyard dock. Founded ‘Young Ulster’ in 1892 as a direct result of his stringent opposition to Home Rule, and also became a member of the Ulster Defence Union in 1893. Joined the Militia and served in South Africa rising to the rank of Major.  One of the most prolific ‘Gun runners’, he became the U.V.F. Director of Ordinance on the 18th December 1912.

Born in 1859 into a wealthy industrial family, Colonel Thomas Edgecumbe Hickman was decorated in a military career that included action with the Egyptian Army (where he met Hackett-Pain) and in South Africa. He became Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South in 1910 and an immediate advocate for Irish Unionism against Home Rule. A founder of the British League for the Support of Ulster and the Union, he reviewed members of the ‘British Volunteer Force’ in London, Glasgow and Liverpool during 1914; and according to Crawford was a supporter of importing arms. He fulfilled the role of U.V.F. Inspector General.

Z19 Director of Intelligence was Lloyd Campbell, managing director of Henry Campbell and Co. (flax spinners). Born in Belfast, 1868. Educated at Overslade School, Wellington College, and Queen’s College, Belfast. An Ulster Unionist member. Sat for Belfast, North from the general election of 1921 until the general election of 1929 when he retired. Died 20th February 1950.

In part 5 (final part of the series)- The UVF ‘leader’ who was a ‘bag boy’, and some other top figures


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