Quincey Dougan is a historian, weekly columnist with the Belfast Newsletter and promotional activist for the Ulster Band movement. He regularly gives presentations on topics within the broad realm of Irish History, politics and culture; and facilitates group work and discussions in related subject areas.

His work has also included regular historical features in the Belfast Newsletter and other publications, and he has written several books on the subject of the pre- Great War Ulster Volunteer Force. Hailing from rural County Armagh, living on the fringes of the infamous South Armagh area, Quincey considers himself an unashamed Ulster Loyalist.

This website will feature some of Quincey’s work, inform of upcoming events he is involved in; and provide a general outlet for reviews, news and thoughts on everything and anything.

If you would like to contact Quincey, to request an article for your publication, or to explore the possiblity of a presentation/ talk, you can email him at

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